2020 Legislative Forum

Annual Legislative Forum with Easter Seals, MA. The following legislators attended: Rep. Jack Lewis, Rep. Carolyn Dykema, Rep. Carmine Gentile, Rep. Dave Linsky, Senator Becca Rausch and Rep. Kate Hogan.

As usual, all of our MetroWest legislators were very receptive to all of our issues and concerns, and spoke of additional disability issues that they are working on.

Paul Spooner spoke about MWCIL priorities which included an increase in IL Funding (4120-0200), an increase in Independent Living Assistance (TAP, DME Reuse and AT) (4120-4000), an increase in the Alternative Voucher Program, alignment of AAB laws with the ADA and passing an act prohibiting discrimination agaist adults with disabilities in Family and Juvenile Court procedings.

Karen Langley of REquipment DME Reuse Program asked for continued funding. The governor’s budget has dropped the funding for this important program. Karen brought impressive numbers for the legislators detailing the number of people helped by REquipment in their districts.

Joe Bellil and Catherine Fradenburg from Easter Seals of MA spoke about Assistive Technology and the innovative loan programs they have developed. Eleanor spoke of how much AT from Easter Seals has improved her life as her eyesight has deteriorated.