Options Counseling

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As a partner of the Aging and Disability Resource Consortium (ADRC), MWCIL provides an Options Counseling Program. This program enables individuals to make informed choices about settings and services, to understand the resources available to help pay for supports and services, to be referred to appropriate experts, and to obtain assistance in connecting with appropriate resources. Individuals can receive services in a Hospital or Rehab Setting, in a Nursing Facility, or in their own home within the community.

Situations that may require Options Counseling

  • Individuals in hospitals facing admission to a rehab hospital or nursing facility
  • Individuals who are entering a nursing facility and who are not on MassHealth
  • Individuals who are residing in a nursing facility and who are not on MassHealth
  • Individuals residing in their own homes

Who is Eligible for O.C. Services

  • People age 60 or over
  • People under age 60 with a disability
  • Family members and caregivers

Services Provided

  • Access to written material and brochures regarding long term care options
  • Phone or in-person counseling services in the hospital, nursing facility or in the individual’s home within the community
  • Discussion with an Options Counselor about personal goals, functional capacity, informal and family supports, and financial situation
  • Discussion to explore options including settings, programs, services, funding options, etc.
  • Determination of next steps and assistance as needed to connect with resources
  • Follow up contact from the Options Counselor to determine if needs were addressed
  • Individuals can receive these services prior to admission to the facility or discharge to a nursing facility or any other setting

Statewide Options Counseling

DisabilityInfo.org, maintained by New England INDEX, has compiled this informative document with an overview of the statewide OC program, as well as contact information for the various agencies: Options Counseling Fact Sheet