2023 IL Education Day

IL Education Day was especially exciting this year since our last in-person event was in 2019! We felt Paul Spooner’s absence as he knew how to inspire us all.

Accomplishments in FFY 2022

  • Massachusetts Residents served in FFY 22: 35,693. 
  • 12,771 Consumers, Family Members, Partners in the community, Municipalities, and Government received information or referrals from Independent Living Centers.
  • 145 Individuals transitioned from institutionalized settings such as nursing homes to the community.
  • 1,080 youth across the Commonwealth received transition services.
  • 12,341 individuals obtained access to Health Care services they previously did not have.
  • 1,412 individuals obtained Assistive Technology.
  • ILCs support individuals with disabilities in going back to work and being productive in their communities.

FY 2024 Priorities

Independent Living Centers Line Item 4120-0200, $10 Million for 10 Independent Living Centers (Increase of 2 million)

The Independent Living Centers are seeking an increase in funding to support;

  • An increase in demand for assistance finding affordable accessible housing
  • Support to leave nursing homes
  • Assistance navigating benefit and vocational options
  • Mitigating the impact of inflation

Affordable, Accessible, Available Housing

The Independent Living Network supports legislation and programming that
increases access to affordable, available accessible housing.

  • S.1553 – An Act Building a More Accessible Massachusetts. Sponsor: Senator Michael O. Moore and
  • H 2291 – An Act expanding the availability of adaptable housing for people with disabilities and seniors Sponsors: Reps. Christine P. Barber and Michael J. Moran
  • (H.1305/S.884) An Act to create affordable homes for persons with disabilities Sponsors: Representative Rob Consalvo & Senator Robyn Kennedy.
  • Rental Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) Program,
  • Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance (ERMA) Program,
  • Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP)
  • Family Shelters, HomeBase and Rapid Rehousing
  • COVID Eviction Legal Health Program (CELHP) and Community Mediation Pre-Court,
  • Support funding to increase the number of low- income accessible units,
  • Continue to support housing voucher programs like AHVP and MRVP and ensure the vouchers are adequate to meet increasing market rents.

Affordable, Accessible, Available Transportation

  • Affordable, accessible and available transportation is a key priority for individuals with disabilities.
  • On-demand, accessible transportation to all riders is necessary.
  • Support on-demand, accessible transportation pilot program(s), similar to UBER and LYFT MBTA pilot programs.
  • Provide funding to RTAs to allow for the continuation of free fare. Assistive Technology Programs and Durable Medical Equipment

Assistive Technology Programs and Durable Medical Equipment