MWCIL Coordinates New Ramp

May 9, 2022 Sue Rorke

Lou and David from MetroWest Center for Independent Living were instrumental in helping Olivia’s family get a ramp for their home! Kudos to MWCIL, the town of Framingham, Martin Garvey and Ashland DPW!

“Lou and Dave from Metrowest Center for Independent Living, City of Framingham Access Compliance Inspector Mark Dempsey, Martin Garvey from 360 Motor Sports in Holliston, and Ashland DPW all pitched in to help load the ramp onto a truck, and transported it to Olivia‚Äôs home in Saxonville.”
Image: Some of the helpers and the family standing on and by the new ramp.

Waiting there was Framingham Fire Department Chief Michael Dutcher, Assistant Fire Chief John Schultz, and firefighters Andrew Rokes, Tyler Easson, Ramiro Mendonca, Keith Rovinelli to help unload it off the truck.”

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