2023 PCA Rally for Higher Wages

April 10, 2023 Sue Rorke

MWCIL supported PCA’s, in person, for the first time since 2019, and for the first time without Paul Spooner.  Paul was an effective and relentless supporter of PCAs.

Photographs from the PCA Rally are on our website.

On March 1, PCA from 1199 SEIU union, consumers, advocates and legislators gathered at the union headquarters. After reminding everyone why it is so important for PCAs to earn more money, everyone marched to the new sculpture on Boston Common, the Embrace. Following that, the protest moved to the governor’s office at the State House.

PCAs need higher pay for two key reasons. First, they need to make a living wage. PCA wages in not enough to live on! Second, people with disabilities, whose lives rely on the help they get from PCAs, cannot find enough people who are willing to do this important work for such low wages. If the hourly rate can be increased by a reasonable amount, both problems could be alleviated.

Some of the people who spoke at the rally included Becca Gutman of 1199SEIU, Bill Henning (ED of Boston Center for Independent Living), Dennis Heaphy of Boston Center for Independent Living, Senator Jamie Eldridge, Senator Mike Brady and Senator Lydia Edwards.