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MetroWest Staff

The staff at MWCIL are experts on the available services, skills and advocacy needed to support and promote independent living. Most have personal experience with disabilities, and understand the challenges that people with disabilities might encounter. Counselors and Coordinators work one-on-one so that consumers have all the information they need to make their own best choices. Independent Living Coordinators work on long term goals. Options Counselors work on a short term basis to provide support and information so that individuals can remain in the community.
"Your people at the CIL must come to understand that their job is to provide Permission, Encouragement and Support. That is it. No less and no more. They can do it. Each is capable. But they gotta wanna."
---Roland Sykes, 2004

PaulPaul Spooner - Executive Director - Paul has been the Executive Director since 1992, and ensures the Center remains an important resource for people with disabilities. With over 30 years of experience working at centers, Paul guides the staff in applying the philosophy of Independent Living to real situations. He has a long history of advocating for equal rights and continues to be a champion for independent living. As director, he keeps the center evolving in sync with current laws and issues. Bio for Paul
Rose Quinn - Assistant Director - Rose has worked at the center since 1991, making her the longest-serving employee. As a member of the management team, she has supervisory, financial and human resource responsibilities, as well as the infamous "other duties as assigned". Rose is currently treasurer of the Framingham Disability Commission, and is also a member of other local advocacy groups.Rose
Wini McGraw - Executive Assistant
DaveDavid Correia - Advocacy Director - In his role as a systems advocate, Dave focuses on networking, collaboration and education. He works with legislators and others to promote the values and principles of Independent Living.   Also, he is available to speak to local organizations about the services that MWCIL provides. Dave also files AAB complaints as needed. David's background at the MetroWest Latin American Center, his ability to get things done, his sense of humor and his tri-lingual abilities made him a favorite of our consumers.
DanyaDanya DelMonaco - Community Transition Coordinator

Pat Elgart - Independent Living Coordinator - Pat has been an IL Coordinator at MWCIL since 2006. Pat’s personal experience as a person with a disability helps her to understand the challenges that her consumers face in the course of daily living. She is skilled at navigating complicated bureaucracies and advocating for deserved benefits. Pat is the Center’s Certified Peer Specialist, with advanced training in Vocational Peer Support. Pat provides support and resources to bring hope while assisting people to move forward with their vocational goals. She also is a great resource for housing applications and options, and has experience with independent living skills training such as budgeting, cooking, laundry and transportation.

Ashley Starr - Community Transition Coordinator - Ashley was our expert in the Money Follows the Person program. MFP is a federal program for getting people out of nursing homes and for keeping them in the community. Now that MFP has ended, Ashley continues to transition individuals out of nursing homes. With an undergraduate degree in Health Science and a Masters in Public Health (with a focus on Disability Rights and Program Coordination) from Northeastern University, Ashley is a quick study in navigating new programs, even as the whole state lurches through the MFP learning curve. She also is an advocate for the Narcolepsy Network and Wake Up Narcolepsy. As with Jessica, we are all enjoying her youthful energy and perspectives! Ashley
LizElizabeth DelValle - Options Counselor As an Options Counselor, Elizabeth educates older adults and persons with disabilities to understand the type and range of community-based long term care supports available to them. She also provides information and assistance with referrals for community-based long term care benefits. Options counseling can be provided by phone, in the home of the consumer, or in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Elizabeth has worked in social services for about 20 years and has extensive knowledge of where consumers can find help within their community. Elizabeth is bi-lingual (English/Spanish).
Heidi Bishay - TAP Coordinator - The MWCIL Tap Coordinator works with special education students, ages 14-22, to prepare them for life after graduation. This preparation means working on matters such as community safety, household tasks, social skills, secondary educational options, employment, disability awareness, and self-advocacy. She works with the local high schools to provide in-school workshops. She also partners with other organizations to create a larger support network for youth with disabilities. Heidi
StevenSteven Blea - Information and Referral Coordinator
The I & R Coordinator provides individuals with the resources and referrals they need to either transition to more independent living, or to remain living independently. Steven is typically the first point of contact. For individuals who need more support, he will set them up with an IL Coordinator to help them achieve their long term goals. He also helps individuals with applications.
Steven has an extensive background in group homes and direct care work which has helped him better understand which organizations can fit specific needs. His tenacity and task-oriented style has helped our consumers evaluate and achieve their goals.
Sue Rorke - Information Specialist - As Information Specialist, Sue works on the websites, facebook, the newsletter, and printed materials such as the annual report and gala program book. She has made a few videos, and photographs most events. Sue
LisandraLisandra Martinez - Administrative Assistant

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