2024 IL Education Day at the State House

Great Hall at the State House, March 25, 2024

Thank you to MASILC Coordinator, Aliza Levine, and the PIE (Public Education and Information) Committee for organizing the 2024 event – another success!

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Download the IL Ed Day pdf for more information!


  • Independent Living Centers Line Item 4120-0200 – $10 Million for 10 Independent Living Centers (increase of $2 million)
  • Maintain Funding for Personal Care Attendants
  • Increase the Alternative Housing Voucher Program funding (Line Item 7004-9030) to $30 million ($18.8m + Prior Appropriations continued) and incorporating H.1305 & S.884 into budget language.
  • Increase Accessible Affordable Housing Grants (Line Item 7004-9031), which offer grants to create or rehabilitate units into accessible housing prioritized for AHVP voucher holders to $2.5 million.
  • Increase MassAccess Registry funding (Line Item 4120-4001) to $300,000 to assist low-income people with disabilities to search for accessible housing.


  • Building a More Accessible Massachusetts – S.1553: An Act Building a More Accessible Massachusetts and H.2291: An Act expanding the availability of adaptable housing for people with disabilities and seniors. These bills align MA accessibility regulations with federal regulations.
  • Estate Recovery – H.1168 and S.726: An Act protecting the homes of seniors and disabled people on MassHealth
  • Spouses as Paid Caregivers – H.216 and S.67: An Act allowing spouses to serve as caregivers
  • Support Regional Transit Authorities (RTA) – S.2277 and H.3272: An Act to increase regional transit accessibility in the Commonwealth
  • Changes to the Affordable Homes Act – The Independent Living Network supports The Affordable Homes Act (H.4138) as an opportunity to help alleviate the state’s housing crisis


  • Welcome: Steve Higgins (Independence Associates) and Brianna Zimmerman (STAVROS)
  • Senator Joe Comerford
    • Joe Tringali memorial
    • Estate Recovery and Spouses as Paid Caregivers
  • Representative Mindy Domb
  • Isaias Ruiz, PCA
  • Senate President Karen Spilka
  • MA Rehabilitation Commission, Commissioner Toni Wolf
  • Nancy Garr-Colzie re: PCAs
  • Representative Rob Consalvo (AHVP)
  • Ewidji Vincent, youth with Easter Seals
  • Senator Lydia Edwards