Transition to Adulthood (TAP)

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TAP is specialized to work with young adults with disabilities who will be transitioning out of high school. Our mission is to work directly with young adults, help them determine their goals and find pathways to achieving these goals. By using the IL model, we ensure that young people learn to make their own decisions and live life to the fullest.


Any young adult, regardless of disability, who:

  • is 14-22 years old
  • Receives special education services or is in a post-graduation transition program through their high school
  • Desires to become more independent


The TAP program at MWCIL readies high school students for living on their own, finding work, and/or attending college or other training program.

  • Social Skills
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Employment
  • Assistive technology support
  • IEP and ITP assistance
  • Disability Rights education
  • Preparing for college

The Process

  • Youth work with the TAP staff on a 1-1 basis
  • TAP staff ask the youth to identify their goals, and how they would like to increase their independence. All work is individually based- content, pace, learning style, communication, and so on.
  • MWCIL holds business hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, however, the scheduling of appointments revolves around the youth’s personal schedule. Appointments are typically an hour in length, and occur every other week.
  • Meetings are at the MWCIL office, in the community, and/or at the youth’s home
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Erin and Lou

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TAP Workshops

All classes are hybrid; available both online with Zoom and in person.

Odyssey Planning Workshops

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Job Readiness Workshops

New session begins October 10 Prepare for success in the workforce with a five-week job readiness course designed for high ...

Driving Permit Prep Workshops

The next Permit Prep will start on 1/11 and run Thursdays at 3:30 through 2/8. Get ready to hit the ...

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