Category: TAP Workshops

June 24, 2024 Sue Rorke

Every other Monday, 2:30-4:30pm. Starts July 15. Under 22 only. In Person: Limited to 10 people. Topics TBD. See the TAP calendar for dates. Contact your MWCIL Counselor to join!

June 22, 2023 Sue Rorke

New session begins Tuesday, October 3, 2023. “If you plan for nothing, you’re going to get nothing,” Bill Burnett, co-author of Designing your Life.  Odyssey Planning creates a map to your future. Based on the book and its companion course from Stanford University D.Lab, this class will lead participants through creating a vision of their… Read More Odyssey Planning Workshops

June 22, 2023 Sue Rorke

Unlock the secrets to thriving relationships and unleash your social potential with an exciting and empowering class designed specifically for cool, confident, and curious young people. Dive into an interactive and engaging program to help you master the art of building healthy connections, express yourself with confidence, and navigate the exciting world of relationships. Join… Read More Healthy Relationships Workshops

June 22, 2023 Sue Rorke

New session begins October 10 Prepare for success in the workforce with a five-week job readiness course designed for high school students, focusing on essential skills such as professional communication, time management, interview techniques, and workplace etiquette. Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, students will gain the confidence and competencies needed to excel in their… Read More Job Readiness Workshops

January 23, 2023 Sue Rorke

Get ready to hit the road with confidence! The Permit Prep Program at MWCIL provides essential knowledge and practice to help aspiring drivers master the rules of the road, understand traffic laws, and develop safe driving habits, ensuring they are well-prepared for their driver permit examination. Attendees must be active consumers with MWCIL. Workshops are… Read More Driving Permit Prep Workshops