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Core Services at MWCIL

The Independent Living Coordinators work individually with consumers. Scroll down for complete descriptions of our core services: Transition, Information and Referral, Peer Support, Advocacy and Independent Living Skills Training.   The IL Experience page gives an overview of how a consumer and an IL Coordinator work together.

In addition to the five core services, MWCIL provides:
2014 ADA Anniversary at Gardner "Independent Living does not mean that we want to do everything by ourselves, do not need anybody or like to live in isolation. Independent Living means that we demand the same choices and control in our every-day lives that our non-disabled brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends take for granted. We want to grow up in our families, go to the neighborhood school, use the same bus as our neighbors, work in jobs that are in line with our education and interests, and raise families of our own. We are profoundly ordinary people sharing the same need to feel included, recognized and loved." Dr. Adolf Ratzka


Since 2015, Transition has been recognized by the Administration for Community Living as a fifth core service. At MWCIL, we have always supplied transition services as we move consumers from institutions to the community, as we work with youths transitioning to adulthood, and as we aid consumers living with changing disabilities to maintain their independence.

The Transition to Adulthood Program is a specialized service for young adults with disabilities who will be transitioning out of high school.

Information and Referral

MetroWest Center for Independent Living (MWCIL) provides disability and community related information to all individuals with disabilities, family members, service providers, and community members who request it.

When working with IL Coordinators, consumers learn about the options, benefits and services provided by local, state and national organizations. MWCIL staff has expertise and experience with Social Security benefits, vocational and community services from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Mass. Health, Housing authorities, ADRC and other elder services, PCA programs and other benefits and services available to people with disabilities. IL Coordinators work with consumers to make and follow a plan to resolve an issue, receive a benefit or service, or achieve a goal. If a target agency requires a referral or meeting, MWCIL provides the information and support as needed.

Information Resources

As a leader in independent living technology, MWCIL develops and continuously updates extensive Resources of databases and links to community, state, and national resource organizations serving people with disabilities. This information is available online from the Internet or from within our offices. Our IL Coordinators have experience with many of the organizations and can streamline a consumer's search for available services.

Peer Support

Jessica and a consumer at the 2016 Holiday party. One-on-one peer mentoring helps people with disabilities develop mutual support, assistance, confidence and understanding. MWCIL provides peer support in a consumer-directed manner over the telephone, in person at the center, or at a consumer's living site. MWCIL staff have been trained in the philosophies and practices of independent living and communicate these strategies to consumers in peer support interactions.   Some staff members have personal experience with disabilities and share their insights with other staff members and consumers within the Peer Support Services.


MWCIL participates in Advocacy based on consumer and/or community issues. A complete description of these services is on the Advocacy page.

Independent Living Skills Training

Our living skills training is personally tailored to achieve consumers' goals.   A subset is listed below. Some skills relate to personal growth, others relate to learning more about how to handle and navigate services and responsibilities. A list of the goals that may require some Independent Living Skills training is below: Pat and consumers at holiday party 2016.
MWCIL also maintains a traditional library of independent living resources - books, magazines, audio tapes, video tapes, brochures, etc.- available for examination at the center or for loan.
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