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News Archive: July 2010-November 2011

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Project Search offers Internships in Milford

New MS Drug in Late-Stage Trial

Affordable Housing Units Decline

Research allows Brain to Move Robotic Hand

No Child Left Behind

"Do Civil Rights Laws Apply To Parochial Schools?"

Disability Employment Awareness Month - October

In Ireland - Housing initiative for people with disabilities

Former Soviet Union - Big Issue

International Conference

Maine Agreement Reached to Allow People to Leave Nursing Homes

Tennessee Anticipates $4.5 billion in Cuts

Historic Settlement in Illinois

Mentor Match Program Event

Hurricane Irene Heading Towards MetroWest

Melbourne is Behind the Times

Levy Brothers in NYC Work the System

AARP Study on Caregivers

MA Home Modification Loan Program Seeking Applicants

Federal Court Consent Decree in Illinois

ARC Study Shows Nation's Services Lacking

Disabled 'World's Largest Minority'

Analysis of Medicaid for People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities


Wells Fargo Pays $16 Million in ADA Settlement

World Health Organization Studies Youths

Massachusetts Universal Access Program

Bed Tax Overview

Jobs for the Disabled - Report from Ohio

Dramatic Increase in Diagnosed Disabilities in Children

UK Protests Over Budget Cuts

Exoskeleton Developed for Paraplegics

New Jersey Housing

House Budget Cuts IL Centers

VA Enhances Caregiver Support

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Patrick's Proposal to Reduce Health Care Costs

ADAPT Protests Ryan Plan, 89 Arrested

American Idol Star James Durbin

Health Reform in MA

Infections Drop at VA Hospitals

Men, Unemployment and Disability

Post Office wants Major Changes to Disability Benefits System

Commission on Paratransit

Ed Roberts Campus Opens

Veteran's Claims Backlog Doubles

The $1000 Social Security Cash Cliff

Washington State: House GOP Plan ends Basic Health, curtails Disability Lifeline

Military Update: Disability rating system better, not 'nirvana'

New Disability Evaluation System for Veterans

Church School Tries to Bypass ADA

Worst Case Housing Report from HUD

U.S. Senate Hearing on Social Security Cuts

CLASS Program Under Attack

State Census Data

State Budget Cuts Will Delay Economic Recovery

Japan Disaster and People with Disabilities

New Technology Gadgets Aid Students with Disabilities

The Rotenberg Center

Governor Patrick Postpones $10 million in Cuts

Jobless vs. People with Disabilities

Demand for Care Soars

Natick Company Discriminates

March 1 Rally Against Clubhouse Reductions

Virginia Must Spend $2 billion in 10 years for Disabled

Delta to Pay $2 Million in Disabilities Case

People with Disabilities Underserved by Technology

Courts Without Judges = Crisis for People with Disabilities

LA Ordered to Create Disaster Plan for Disabled

Governor Patrick's Proposed Budget Cuts Adult Day Health Services

Nursing homes face challenges as more young people move in

Jobs for Milford High Students at Natick Labs

White House Lists Accomplishments of 2010

Bazelon Center Statement about Arizona Shooting

PCA Rally at the Statehouse

Attendees gather to listen to speakers.

Private Schools Lose ADA Lawsuit

Congressional Investigation into Supplemental Security Income.

Budget Cuts Target Disabled in the UK

In Texas, Independent Living Advocates Hope for State Institution Closures

ARICA starts January 1, 2011

New Governor of CT Talks about Personal Disabilities

HUD and HHS Join to Increase Community Housing

Fairfax Co., VA Refuses to Allow Child in School with Service Dog

Max Starkloff

max_starkloff works in his office

Living with a Stutter

Health Care in MA gets a Thumbs Up

Voting Rights for Disabled in Bulgaria

Disabled in state of Washington Start Actions Against Budget Cuts

Florida Changes Education Goals for Students with Disabilities

UK to Eliminate the Independent Living Fund in 2015

Disability Insurance Change Proposed


Goldendoodle Service Dog Trained for Diabetes and Sounds

New Local Program Keeps Older Patients At Home

Feeling included -- Kids with Disabilities Have Their Say

College News

Budget Hearings Begin

Supreme Court Hears Case for Veteran with Disability

Florida Program Trains Advocates for Disabilities

UK - "Supporting disabled people not sustainable"

December 6 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Yachting Crew with Disabilities Race Competitively

Care At Home: A New Civil Right

One opinion on revealing hidden disabilities in job interviews

Mass Rehab Gets High-Tech State-of-the-Art Vehicle

Hearing Impaired Leader to Head FCC's Disability Rights Office

Taxi of Tomorrow

Afghan War and Canadian Veterans with Disabilities

MA Commission for the Blind and the Talking Information Center Launch Training

Nationwide Budget Challenges

MA Ballot Questions: Yes, No and No

DEMS Sweep Massachusetts on November 2, 2010

Indiana Budget Cuts Lead to the Unthinkable

Andrew Imparato in Government

United Nation's WPO approves Publishing Initiative

College Grants Advance Disability Employment

U.S. Dept. of Labor Launches Veterans Hiring Toolkit for Employers

In Canada, (U.S. too!!) Accessibility Pays

Olmstead Act Comes to Georgia

New Support for NO on 3

No COLA for Social Security Recipients for 2011

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission files against the Foreign Service

Disability Mentoring Day

Vote NO, NO, NO on the MA Ballot Questions! (links from addp.org)

NYC's MTA and NYCTA Sued for Inaccessibility

Obama Signs Technology Access Bill For Disabled

Little Progress in Employment of People with Disabilities

$450,000,000 Making its way to the MA Budget

HUD announces Rental Assistance for People with Disabilities

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Technology Access Bill Ready for Obama

Census Data on Employment and People with Disabilities

Audio Described Theatre in Boston

National Council on Disability Applauds New Health Care Provisions

Federal Access Board Plans Public Hearing

ADAPT Action in Washington

New travel website

Marblehead SPED Parents Plan Demonstration

Judge Upholds Discrimination Suit Against Framingham Officials

Study Shows Inadequate Programs for Unemployed People with Disabilities

Fox News Slams the ADA

DC Cabs Drivers Pass Service Dogs

Fox Show Glee and Disabilities

U. of Illinois

Framingham Camp Teaches Bike Riding

Disability Rights in Malaysia

Activist Paul Longmore Died

Mass Housing Community Services Newsletter

Autism Legislation

Improved Movie Access

2010 ADA Anniversary News

2010 National Council on Independent Living Convention

Baseball for the Visually Impaired

State Trooper Caught Breaking the Law

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