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Facebook Recommendations

You do not need a Facebook Account to visit the MetroWest page, but you do need an account to write on our wall. If you are new to Facebook, please review our recommendations below.

Be aware that Facebook is an evolving social media. Facebook will not protect your privacy. It is up to you to stay aware of Facebook policies, keep your security settings updated, only post appropriate information and analyze whether it is the right place for you to be. Also be aware that websites such as Facebook and Google will mine your data, and customize the advertisements you see based on your comments and emails.

Security Settings

Use a reasonably secure password with some numbers, and some punctuation. Don’t use your pet’s name, etc. Under My Account settings, you can be notified if someone logs in from a different computer or mobile device.

Privacy Setting

Under Account/Privacy, you can set a level for several different sets of information such as Wall and Photos. The three offered levels are “Everyone”, “Friends of Friends”, and “Friends Only”. Facebook will default to their idea of typical levels, but we recommend that you review these carefully and “customize” the settings.

Monitor Photo Tags

If you don’t like a photo in which you’ve been tagged, you have the option of untagging the photo. Click on “remove tag”. If you really don’t like the photo because it puts you in an uncompromising situation, simply ask the owner to remove it.

No UI/Party Photos

Don’t post photos of yourself or your friends while under the influence. Many young people have lost sports and activity privileges at school after the principal was shown photos of underage drinking. And employers or potential employers are not impressed by their employees’ partying – even when not at work.

“Friend” Appropriate People

First, make sure you know your Facebook friends. Second, if you’re using Facebook for personal connections, your boss and co-workers may not be appropriate friends. And the reverse, if you're using FB for work, don't friend your personal connections.

Limit Profile Information

You don’t HAVE to show your birthday on your home page. You don’t HAVE to share political and religious views, or even sexual preference. You don’t HAVE to list your phone number. If you do choose to share personal information, you can control who sees it using the Privacy Settings.

Never Post Vacation Plans

Never post information regarding an upcoming vacation or trip as your status. Doing so is just asking for your house to be robbed. If you must post photos and every detail of your two-week trip to France, do so after you return home, not before or during your vacation.


Places is a new Facebook offering. Using a phone app, you can tell Facebook and your friends when you check into a location such as Starbucks. You can tag who is with you. Facebook will then tell you if any other of your friends are in the area, and can also tell you of other nearby places.   To almost eliminate your being tagged with this feature, there are two settings to change in Accounts/Privacy. At the bottom, you can Customize “Places I check into” to be “Only Me”. And uncheck the Enable box next to “Include me in People Here Now after I check in”.

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