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Emergency Preparedness

MWCIL doorway in a snowstorm. In New England, we tend to worry about the weather - the occasional hurricane, and annual winter storms. In between - maybe a Nor'Easter will hammer us, but usually not on a large scale. Flooding problems have been on the rise. When you read the DPC guide, you will learn that other disasters can occur. It makes sense for everyone, especially people with disabilities who rely on specific services and medical supports, to be prepared. Many of the recommendations are common sense, and many are things you may not have thought about. Read the resources below, and make your own list of what you would need to manage or even to survive if a disaster occurs. After you make your list, then follow it!
In addition to physical disasters, the Center for Disease Control has web resources for preparing for a public health emergency. And we also have found excellent resources to help local governments and town managers plan for emergencies.
Anyone who has life-dependent power needs or other daily requirements for medical care or services should register now at their Town Hall with the Civil Defense Emergency Preparedness staff.

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA )


Web Resources

Public Health Emergencies

from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Resources for Preparation by Community Responders

And More

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